Friday, October 28, 2011

Martha Stewart said You Can't, but I Found a Way!

Washed and ready to be pared, cored and cut!
As a native of Florida and the Caribbean I didn't know much about growing apples! However, when we moved to Seattle it bothered me that most of the apples from our trees were being wasted or given to our horse and Labradors as a snack.  I would pick the apples I needed for my pie, but what about all the rest?

A few years ago I was watching Martha Stewart and one of the audience members asked her if  you could freeze the apples for pies and desserts.  Martha said no, however, I knew better.  After years of seeing them go to waste, I decided to see what would happen if I froze them already seasoned ready for each pie.  Here is what I do using my mom's Perfect Apple Pie recipe!

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Get your freezer bags dated and ready to either mix directly in each bag or in a bowl. Mix the sugar, flour, spices and salt.

Mix those seasonings either in each bag or bowl!

Mix enough for each pie separately.

Pare, core, and cut 6-8 tart apples for each freezer bag. There are several types of coring tools on the market, like the one you see pictured here.

Apples seasoned and ready for the freezer!

The apples do not need to be defrosted prior to being placed in the pie crust.  Just take the bag out of the freezer and pour the contents into your crust of choice and bake!  The apples have been as tasty year-round as when they were freshly picked in the Fall!


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