Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Empire Avenue-The Man Cave No More!

A couple of months ago someone introduced me to Empire Avenue! At first I thought this is a game, I don't get it and how in the heck am I going to figure this out! Should I even care to and do I have the time? Not another social networking site!

Quickly I started to see the benefits. Not only did I start to notice an increase in followers on all of my Social Networking sites, but I also started to establish relationships and find quality products, companies and bloggers.

Empire Avenue is another Social Networking tool.  The more you invest, follow, endorse, complete missions and connect with other members the sooner you will start to see an increase in value but more importantly an increase in engagement. 

Mom Bloggers CommunityI noticed that there were many men on this site too.  So naturally I wanted to mix up the blue with some pink so I started to invite some women and mom bloggers.  Lisa Cash Hanson was one of those great ladies.

That is how the Mom Bloggers Community on Empire Avenue got started. Everyone that joins our community is also pinned on our Pinterest Board. Their pins direct people to their profile on Empire Avenue. Our Board's description says, "The Mom Bloggers Community on Empire Avenue is open to all women.  We are #SMRocketFuel Divas! Building a strong community of Savvy Investors on #EAv!"

Another one of our goals in creating this community was to let women start to have a larger presence on Empire Avenue. We were hearing from some that they didn't understand it, were a little overwhelmed and really were missing out on the benefits. Therefore our community has tutorials, videos and tips to increase longevity and decrease user frustration.

Like with all Social Networking sites, as soon as you join add your picture and Bio. Then connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare, WordPress, Google Plus and Blog accounts.

Just enjoy and be sure to check out Mom Bloggers Community on EA!

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Lisa Ladrido is an R.N. Mom Blogger who is passionate about Social MediaPersonal Development and Health and Wellness.

She has 5 sons and lives in Washington State with her husband and their furry four legged children!

My blog: Mom Blogger Buzz: Can One Smile Change the World?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Opportunity for Bloggers-Sign up by April 6-7th!

Here are two upcoming Giveaways that everyone can join in and participate. The sign-up deadline is April 6th for the Mother's Day Giveaway and April 7th for the Raining Cash Giveaway!

It's Raining Cash Giveaway Event

Raining Cash
Are you a blogger looking to increase your social media exposure?  Join our upcoming cash giveaway event! This event will be held from April 16th through April 29th.  Sign-ups end on April 7th. 

Our most recent cash giveaway event, the $700 Winter Blast of Cash Giveaway, had an incredible turnout with over 120 participating blogs and 275,000+ entries.  Participants in that event gained hundreds and even thousands of new followers! 

We would love for you to join us in the next big event! Complete your information on the sign-up form Here by April 7th!  There will also be a cash prize for the participating blogger who refers the most people to the giveaway! 

Mother's Day Giveaway Event

You are also welcome to visit VoiceBoks and sign up for the Mother's Day Giveaway. 

Please let them know that Lisa Ladrido sent you! Thank you. 

You must sign up for this Giveaway by April 6thEnjoy these opportunities!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is Pinterest's Popularity Due to Science?

Those of you not on Pinterest may be asking, since there are so many other Social Networking and Bookmarking sites already, why should I join Pinterest?

I agree there are many sites out there. However, when you look at the Infographic below you may start to see why you should join! If you own a business it is even more important that you see the benefits of this relatively new and popular site. 

Here is one of the reasons I feel Pinterest has become so popular. There are three types of Learning StylesVisual Learners, Auditory Learners and Kinesthetic Learners (big word for Tactile)! 

Did you know that 65% of the population are Visual Learners?  Compared to 30% who are Auditory and only 5% are Kinesthetic Learners, according to Learning Styles Assessment-TRIO.  Does this have anything to do with its popularity? If so, did Pinterest take this into consideration when creating their site?  

I would love to hear why you think Pinterest has become so popular so quickly! 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enter for a Spring Surprise!

Spring is in the air! And as the flowers start to bloom and the world is filled with colors, I start to see GREEN! Because I always want to do little things in the Spring that cost money - like getting a fabulous new outfit, or fixing up the front yard. Soooo, I thought it would be great to give you a way to get a little Spring Surprise for yourself! I teamed up with some of my great bloggy friends and we want to give YOU $100 in Paypal cash to spend any way you want! What will you buy? That fab new dress? Flowers for the front yard? A day at the spa? The possibilities are endless! But only if you enter to win this Spring Surprise!
So, here's how it works. Entry is super easy thanks to Rafflecopter! You simply have to answer one question - What would you do with this awesome Spring Surprise? That's it - you're entered! But wait! Since I'm sure you want even better chances of winning (it's 100 bucks!), you can earn extra entries in several ways. You can like the sponsoring blogs Facebook Fan Pages, follow them on Twitter, add them to your circles on Google+ or enter other contest and leave comments on great posts! How much or how little you do is up to you! But remember, the more entries you complete, the better your chances are to win!
So are you ready? Do you know what you'll spend your Spring Surprise on? Then enter away!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The blogs participating in this event are:
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Friday, March 9, 2012

My Top 7 Favorite Tools

In my search to create a fun and engaging Facebook Fan Page, increase my reach on Twitter and exposure to my Blog, I have found some great applications, tools and communities to help me get there. Here are my Top 7 Tools that have helped me with all of my goals, in no particular order. 

Triberr has to be included in my Top 7!  Not only has it contributed to my increased Twitter reach, followers,  and Klout score, but I have met some incredible bloggers along the way. Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo are the brains behind Triberr.  They have hit the nail on the head so to speak when it comes to creating a community and tool that is based on sharing.  Most bloggers love to share content of other bloggers. 

Once you belong to a tribe on Triberr, it just takes a few clicks and the blog posts are shared to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn and coming soon Pinterest too! According to Dino, "So far, Triberr has imported close to one million blog posts, and has handled the sharing of 10 million tweets.  And the "10 million" figure doesn't even include posts that are shared via other social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and G+."  

I had been stuck for months around 2000 followers on Twitter.  As soon as I joined Triberr my followers started to increase rapidly to over 3000 and my reach is now over 2.9 million because of the great tribes that I belong to. This is without using any automated tools. 

When you join Triberr don't hesitate to visit their great Tutorials on All Triberr, this will save you so much time!

I like Buffer for many reasons, but mostly because it gives me additional leeway to edit my re-tweets directly on Twitter. If you are using either Chrome, Safari or Firefox you will be able to install the Buffer buttons so that you can share any page quickly and easily! You will have to check out my post regarding Buffer when you get a chance. Don't forget to visit their Blog, which is another extension to this great tool!

Most of us have heard of Blog Hops and there are a few tools that you can use to create a Blog Hop but I continue to be loyal to Linky Tools.  Since I love Blog Hopping I thought there must be a way to do Facebook Fan Page "Like" Hopping. So once I figured it out I wrote a blog post tutorial on creating your very own Facebook Like Hop right on Facebook! 

You are welcome to join the Facebook Hop we have going on at Women Entrepreneurs too! What better way to Hop around all the Facebook Fan Pages and Blogs while you are on Facebook! 

Mr. Brent Riggs has also created the Linky Followers Tool, which as rumors have it, Google Friend Connect may be going away, so this will be a great substitute. 

I have really enjoyed using RSS Graffiti on my Facebook Fan Page. All of our members love that their blog posts are being pulled and showcased on our Page! I was looking high and low for an application that could do this automatically. I wanted to be able to post unlimited RSS feeds and then I found RSS Graffiti! I was ecstatic!

If I could remember who invited me to Empire Avenue. I would like to give them a big thank you! At first sight I thought, oh no is this a game?! How naive I was! "Social Media Rocket Fuel" is right!! You can build and join Communities, start Missions, Network with other members, Increase your Klout, Twitter followers, Blog Endorsements and Facebook Likes all in one place!  

First things first, like with all Social Networking sites add your picture and Bio. Then connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare, WordPress, Google and Blog accounts. 

Then you can start "buying stock" (with virtual money called Eaves) and networking with other members and watch your share price go up and your following increase!

As a Mom Blogger I love to support other women in the blogging community. I was given the opportunity to review an eBook and I truly recommend it to all women bloggers out there. Get Famous is full of blogging tips for the new and seasoned blogger. 

Pinterest is the fastest growing site out there today. I personally love photography, pets and travel.  However, if you have a business I truly recommend that you join. You are able to pin directly from your website or blog and create Boards in categories. If you were to have an Etsy shop for example and you add prices to your pin, your price will automatically be included on a banner across your pin. There are many benefits when using Pinterest, too numerous to outline here in this small post. 

These are my favorites for now. As you know new ones will be added what seems like daily! With every Social Networking site, you need to be social and of course network! It really is that simple. Enjoy!

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Lisa Ladrido is an R.N. Mom Blogger who is passionate about Social MediaPersonal Development and Health and Wellness.

She has 5 sons and lives in Washington State with her husband and their furry four legged children!

My blog: Mom Blogger Buzz: Can One Smile Change the World?

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

How One Mom Blogger Went From No Visitors To Over 17,000 In One Month and So Can You

I first wrote about Lisa Cash Hanson a.k.a. Mompreneur Mogul on  Our Featured Mom Series.  It was right after her appearance on Shine from Yahoo®!

At the time she was finishing up her new eBook, "Get Famous-The Most Amazing Mom Blogger's Resource on the Planet".  I was honored when she asked me to write a review of her new book.

Here is what I initially wrote for her sales page, "Get Famous is full of great tips, tools and resources, for both the new and experienced blogger.

Lisa shares with her readers the pitch she used to land a major interview with Yahoo Finance, just months after starting her blog! 

You will find tutorials and even how to get media exposure despite not having a high Google Ranking. There are too many Golden Nugget(s) in this book to mention in just a few sentences! Get Famous gives you all of the resources anyone would ever need to have the most Amazing Blog on the Planet!"

Of course I am right, there are too many "Golden Nuggets" to write in a few short sentences! You will want this book if you want to find real ways to make money with your blog, it will be a valuable addition to your blogging arsenal!

I have read many "How to Make Money from Your Blog" books from all the leading male "gurus". I find them repetitious and boring, however they are making tons of money!! So Kudos to the men making all the money! 

On the other hand Lisa's book is from a woman with a stay at home mom's perspective.  It is refreshing, easy to read and she has already invested hours finding the most powerful resources so you don't have to! I use it daily when I want to find out how to pitch the media, ways to promote my blog and companies that will pay for my reviews.

Why does that matter to you? She shows YOU how her traffic jumped from 700 visitors to over 17,686 in just one month!  There are over 100 major resources to help you increase your traffic, make money blogging and get companies to chase you down to review their products.

Click here to learn more! You have to check it out!
Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this book review.  I received a copy of this book to facilitate the review process. 

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Lisa Ladrido is an R.N. Mom Blogger who is passionate about Social Media, Personal Development and Health and Wellness.

She has 5 sons and lives in Washington State with her husband and their furry four legged children!

My blog: I am all a twitter about life! Can One Smile Change the World?

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