Saturday, February 25, 2012

Six Degrees of Separation: Mentionmapp & Twitter

Six degrees of separation.
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Everything about Blogging and Social Media fascinates me. Not only the relationships we establish but also the new tools and gadgets created, what seems like everyday! Today I was introduced to another one by my Twitter friend, Abel.

The tool, is called Mentionmapp.  It reminded me of Six Degrees of Separation. If you haven't heard of this term, according to Wikipedia, "refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth." Which of course includes Twitter too!!

Visit and read Abel's post about Mentionmapp on his website, AIGEN Digital Marketing.  See who is connected to him, who are his "opinion leaders" and how do their messages connect and interrelate with each other.

Therefore, I will not go into detail on how to create your own. It is super easy! Just enter your Twitter handle and it will create a map from your most recent tweets, of who is connected to you along with your Hashtags!

I would love to hear who you are connected to and who is in your Twitter Community!

Lisa Ladrido is an R.N. Mom Blogger who is passionate about Social Media, Personal Development and Health and Wellness.

She has 5 sons and lives in Washington State with her husband and their furry four legged children!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can One Smile Change the World?

A few years ago I was in NYC for business.  While I was making my way from my hotel to the Empire State Building I noticed something disturbing.  People were head down, briskly walking to their destinations, barely making any eye contact.  As I continued to walk this started to bother me. I began to think, what would happen if I were to smile and make a comment to them?

Validation (Photo credit: splorp)
So I started my little experiment. At first I was trying to make eye contact before I spoke.  That wasn't working.  People were rushing by me as fast as they could! As you may know there are moments that people start to slow down at each street corner, either waiting for that crazy erratic taxi to drive through the crowds or at a street light. This is where I decided to re-start my experiment!

I began to make eye contact and tell them, "Good Morning" with a smile. I would change it up a bit, by saying, "Hope you have a great day today"!  There were those that actually responded!  At first they looked somewhat startled, "You talkin' to me?"! Kidding no one said that! Startled that someone was actually speaking to them. Some smiled back, some even said, "Thank you, same to you!"

Maybe only one smile will not change the world, but what if one smile or one kind action created a butterfly effect? I started to notice that as I walked, a feeling of happiness came over me. There was even a hop in my steps. I no longer felt alone in that big city. I continued to do this until I reached my destination.

Of course I am not sure if the same feelings came over those that actually responded to me, or if they continued to do the same as they made their walk that morning. Something inside of me changed that day. I realized that a small gesture could actually affect someone's day and make it a better one.

In the end we all want to be validated, but what has stopped us from validating others?  Today I was introduced to this video, "Validation", which has won several Short Film Awards.  Which validates my point!

It proved to me, that although we may not be able to see the results of our actions, we can help change this world one smile at a time! Have a great week, you are Awesome!

Lisa Ladrido is an R.N. Mom Blogger who is passionate about Social Media, Personal Development and Health and Wellness.

She has 5 sons and lives in Washington State with her husband and their furry four legged children!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Toe Tapping Fun for the Entire Family!

Here is a great review and Giveaway by Michelle from Powered by Mom! The Giveaway starts Saturday February 18th! Have fun!

I was very excited when I was selected to do the review for Farmer Jason, Nature Jams. I love music and like most people I have my favorite bands and genres. However when you grow up with a musician for a father you have no choice but to listen to all types of music, thank goodness. My father played and loved classical, blues and Jazz of which I complained about as a child but it must have sunk in somewhere because as an adult I love it all.

The best way to instill a love of music in children is to capture their attention first and keep it there. What better way than with songs and music you find yourself humming and tapping your toes too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten #Triberr Tuesday-Month 2

I enjoy recognizing my Top Ten Traffic Driving Tribemates on Triberr each month. Now that is a tongue twister! One of the benefits I receive is that I learn so much about them while preparing for this monthly series!

This month is almost becoming  the Top Ten Triberr Thursday due to a very cranky computer! So hopefully it will go out on Tuesday as originally planned.  At least I hope so!

Triberr offers a tool for their users to see who are the top traffic driving members in the month. As you can see it isn't only about the number of followers, I have listed these in order.  I am not familiar with or will try to guess which algorithms are used to get this data! You are welcome to ask Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo, the founders of Triberr for that information!

However, part of the equation must be whatever niche I am writing to on a particular blog post, these members have an audience that are reading them. Well at least clicking on them! By looking at my bounce rates, I don't think all of them are actually reading the entire post! So this will be an area that I will be working on.

I have added links to their websites and other Social Media venues. So please take the time to at least follow these great Tweeters!

Many thanks to all of you who made it on the list this month!

  • Cheryl Burgess
    Cheryl Burgess
    Managing Partner Blue Focus Mktg.| CMO | AT&T Social Media Blogger| Huffington Post Passionista | B2B | Mktg.Technologist | 2x Mktg Twitter Shorty Award Winner 
    You Will Find Cheryl Here:WebsiteTwitterLinkedIn

    Form & Function

    • Sue Ingebretson
      Sue Ingebretson
      Speaker & Certified Holistic Health Coach living well with fibromyalgia. Author of FibroWHYalgia. 
      You Will Find Sue Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebook

      Blog Fun
    • Gabriella Sannino
      Gabriella Sannino
      Education, communication, exchange of information & engagement are what make social media evolutionary. Head Kahuna @level343 - Si, sono Napoletana. 
      You Will Find Gabriella Here: WebsiteTwitterFacebookGoogle PlusLinkedInTumblrYouTube

      Form & Function

    • Berrie Pelser
      Berrie Pelser | Business WordPress SEO Web Hosting Provider Internet Empire Avenue Twitter Facebook Google Social Media 
      You Will Find Berrie Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

      Form & Function
    • Anise Smith
      Anise Smith
      QR Code Marketing, Mobile, Social Media, Analytics &
      Blogging, Tweets for @HealOrDie too! #UsGuys
      You Will Find Anise Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebookLinkedIn
      Form & Function
    • Gerry Wendel
      Gerry Wendel
      Let there be peace in everyone's hearts. 

      You Will Find Gerry Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebook
      Blog Fun
    • Hector Cuevas
      Hector Cuevas
      I'll show you how to blog your way to more traffic, more leads and bigger business.. 
      You Will find Hector Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebook

      Socially Creative Monsters
    • Shaan Haider
      Shaan Haider
      Student, Blogger, Music Freak, Tech & Gadget Lover, Happily Single, Serious, Funny, Crazy. . . . An Unusual Guy In An Usual World 
      You Will Find Shaan Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebookGoogle Plus LinkedIn

      My World
    • Steven Hughes
      Steven Hughes
      Running, Social Media, Causes, Sports, SEO, Marketing, Klout, Networking, Security, and Technology...Motivated and Passionate as a general rule (e)sbhsbh 
      You Will Find Steven Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebook Google PlusLinkedInYouTube

      My World

  • James Ross
    James Ross
    A novelist and cancer survivor searching for adult and YA readers! Join my world of recurring characters.  Stories are delivered from a STL golf setting. 

    You Will Find James Here:WebsiteTwitterFacebookYouTube

    Blog Fun

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