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Easter Sunday in Pisa, Italy

Cathedral of Pisa (Duomo di Pisa), Pisa, Italy
Cathedral of Pisa (Duomo di Pisa), Pisa, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have spoken about Easter week 2007 before.  It will always be in my memory as one of the best trips we have ever taken.

First of all the entire trip to Europe was a blessing. For years my dreams of visiting Italy and Sicily would seem to consume my thoughts!

I hadn't told my husband that I wanted to go to Europe, especially Italy and Sicily where my family is from. However, one day he announced that he had purchased the tickets and that we were leaving on my dream trip in two weeks!

After the cruise around the Mediterranean we arrived back in Italy on Easter Sunday. I was worried because I didn't want to miss Easter Mass. We docked in Savona, took a quick bus ride to our rental car and started our first leg of our journey back to Rome. He had booked a Bed and Breakfast in Pisa for the night.

We had never driven in Italy before so it was quite the adventure. Thankfully I have some map skills as a backseat driver! Which I guess helped making our way to Pisa somewhat easier!

My husband knew I was stressing and I think that made matters worse. I thought that we would be able to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa from the main road to get our bearings where we were. However the tall buildings that surrounded the town protected the view.

We finally found the Bed and Breakfast and made it up to our room. It was wonderful. We had a balcony overlooking the garden. We got changed and ran down to the front desk. The gentleman kindly told us that it was just a short walk to the Tower.

Hand in hand we started our short journey through the ancient streets of Pisa.

We crossed over the Arno River where Pisa seems to be cut right in half with wonderful old shops and buildings on either side.

I still couldn't see the Tower! We continued to walk a block or so and then there it was, as if by magic in all its glory.  Looking down as if saying, "oh ye of little faith!" It actually took my breath away. I had seen it so many times in photos that it was as if I was looking at a poster.

It was such a beautiful sunny day. We were able to spend some time just enjoying the view on the grass and then took some time learning a little bit of history.  

Then we noticed that the last Mass of the day was at 6 pm. We were still going to be able to have Easter Sunday Service at the Cathedral or Duomo di Pisa.

The service of course was in Italian and I felt so blessed and grateful to be there. That Easter Sunday will never be forgotten and is forever etched in my memory.

Thank you for taking this trip down Memory Lane with me! I am wishing for all of you a Blessed Easter and Passover week.
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  1. A great trip down memory lane. Happy Easter!

  2. What a wonderful story on the best day of the year! Happy Easter, Lisa!

  3. Pisa is really a fantastic city, Lisa. I spent some time there and its wonderful, its streets, monuments... and its pizza!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a magical vacation! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have always relate Italy as the country of love and romance, ever since I was young girl and was reading "Romeo and Juliet":) And never thought on other way of visiting it, if not with my partner in life:) Now we are finally planning on that so awaited trip during this summer and I am even more fascinated about it, as reading about your magical vacation and time there! Cheers to you and you loved one!

  6. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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