Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Push Your Team to New Heights!

What a great movie on Teamwork! I have been a member of great teams during my professional and personal life. However, we can all learn a little about teamwork from the sweet goose!

When I was encouraged and gently nudged aka "honked", I really felt that I was contributing in positive way to the group. As I pushed beyond my comfort zone I was able to gain self esteem and increased worth and soar! When I in turn encouraged and nudged my team, they responded in kind.

Kind words of encouragement can go a long way for a growing team.  Keeping the group in formation, may not always be easy, there are always some who will wonder away from the flock.  Do we just forget about them or do we maintain communication and let them know that when and if they are ready they can always return to the formation and flock?

Let us all push our teams to new heights and Soar!!

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Not what we give,
But what we share,
For the gift
without the giver
Is bare.
~James Russell Lowell

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