Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grandma Must Be a Redneck!

Let me first start off by saying, that I have nothing against Rednecks!  If I knew any I am sure they are wonderful, fun loving people!  I think I am!

If you have read the About Me section, you would already know that we have a lot of animals and that we live in a small rural town in WA.  Everyone has a truck, well almost everyone!  Here is a picture of my Teeny Mini!

My car has been out of commission for a bit so I haven't been getting out much.  The other day I had to pick up some records at my doctor's office.  I didn't know how I was going to get there, since all there was to drive was my husband's big, long truck and I am afraid to drive it.

However, I needed to go, so I started getting ready.  One of our dogs, Pancho, loves riding in that truck.  I guess he could hear my conversations that I had earlier in the day about me not wanting to drive it.

He wouldn't go out back when I was ready to leave, he just sat by the front door.  So I let him outside and instead of his usual, running to the grass to pee, he ran straight to the truck and sat by the door whining!

I got my keys and said, "Okay, you can go with me, but you have to go pee pee first."  He looked at me and ran to the grass and went to the bathroom, all the while whining for me not to leave him! He jumped in the truck and off we went. Here he is!

Pancho ready for another ride!

I had to stop at two different offices.  The car I usually drive is quite small, as you can imagine I am not used to parking something of that size.

When I got to the parking spots there were only compact spots available.  Now I started to sweat.  I was so nervous already, but after several tries I finally got it somewhat straight and parked it. Whew, I did it!  I was feeling pretty good, went in to the offices and got back in my truck.  Thankfully we made it home safely and I was so relieved.

When I opened the door for Pancho to get out, I looked at the seat and this is what I found....

Then I looked down at my clothes and I was covered in white dog hair, among other things, I looked like a powdered donut!  That wasn't the half of it, my shirt was on backwards too!  So I guess Grandma is a Redneck and that Grandma is me!

Items normally found on our lint roller!

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