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Google Plus Invites- A Brilliant Marketing Strategy

My Sixth Birthday PartyImage by Rachel Ford James via FlickrOnly a few (1900) of the world's leaders and Who's Who were invited to the Royal Wedding.  However, how many of us were watching it on the web and on television? According to the New York Times, 3 Billion!

As a child what happened when you and only a select few received an invitation to a birthday party?  It made you feel special, didn't it?  Those who weren't invited felt slighted and secretly hoped that maybe their invitation was on the way, maybe it got lost in the mail, or just maybe it will be in their mailbox later that day! In this case with Google+, well maybe my invitation is in my spam folder! Let me go check!

Google has a party going on and only a select few are invited!  Google+ actually reached it's user limit in the first two days and had to shut down the invites for now!

This isn't the first party Google has had. When they went public back in 2004, prospective investors had to meet  "eligibility and suitability"  requirements to even place a bid to purchase stocks. You had to apply and receive a "bidder ID" and have an account with one of the securities firms handling the sale. The minimum amount of shares depended on the securities firm you belonged to.  They opened at $85 a share back in 2004 and today GOOG is at $535.89!

They used the same strategy when Gmail was launched.  At that time you had to have been invited by someone with a Gmail account.  Later that changed and it was available to anyone who wanted an account. 

This strategy of course makes it desirable to those who have not been invited yet.  Just as we waited for that birthday party invitation back when we were 6, we are all waiting to be included in this next new social network. 

For those that have not been invited yet, here are some of the differences between Google+ and Facebook.  

See you at the party!

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  1. wow, I feel like I was invited to the cool kids table since I have had the +1 for a while now, I haven't done much with it, but it's been there!!! Lol!!! It's a great marketing strategy to make people want something they don't even know anything about!! Lisa, thank you for keeping me up on all of this, I enjoy your twitter gazete for the same reason!!! I also love your new header!! Take care!!!

  2. Kathy you are so funny! I am glad you enjoy the paper too! Thank you. I was feeling like I needed a change to the header. See you on VoiceBoks!

  3. Interesting breakdown of the differences. Are you on Google +? I'd love to add you to my circle. Right now all my circles are empty lol! I've been playing with it for a few days, but haven't really had the time to devote to it yet.

  4. is the donkey & I'm the tail & I just missed pinning & winning. DAMN IT! :)

    Kissy kissy & I wuv you berry much

  5. @Christina, I am sure you are an expert right now! Thanks for stopping in.

    @Kathy I can send you an invite, would just need your email address.

    Hi Sharon! So glad you are on G+ now!

  6. I'm a new follower, thanks for the info. Still not sure about the google + but more info does helps.

    Diane @

  7. Your blog is wonderful! I'm a new follower from voicebox and I'm so glad I found you. :)

  8. How can someone get an invitation?I want one.

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  9. @Diane, Thank you for your comment. Just ran over to your blog you, your newest follower! Lisa
    @Mel Thank you so much. Your comment means a lot! found you on G+!
    @123George, You need an invite from someone that you know. Give them your email address. Thank you for popping in for a visit.

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