Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Christmas Town in the Cascade Mountains

No matter what time of year you visit, Leavenworth is one of the prettiest towns in Washington!

However, if you can make it to Leavenworth in December you will not be disappointed!

We have been able to visit this beautiful "Bavarian" Town several times since we have been living here in Washington State.

The Christmas Lighting Ceremony is one not to be missed. Check out all the wonderful activities just waiting for you in this little Christmas Town!

How to Get to Leavenworth

A fun way to get to Leavenworth for the Christmas Lighting Ceremony is on the Snow Train from Alki Tours.  The tour runs on December 3 or 10 or 17, 2011.

Alki Tours
By Car or Train
From Seattle to Leavenworth
From Portland, OR to Leavenworth
From Spokane to Leavenworth
From Vancouver, BC to Leavenworth
Via Amtrak

Some of the Fun Activities

If you would like to stay in Leavenworth, we recommend visiting the Sleeping Lady- A Mountain Resort. We have stayed there several times and wouldn't stay anywhere else. Your stay includes a wonderful breakfast and dinner. 

A Day in Leavenworth With the Family

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  1. Great town! Reminds me of the Danish town in CA, Solvang, but with less snow.

  2. Hi Gerry! Thanks for visiting! I haven't been to Solvang, will have to look that one up! Lisa

  3. What a neat town! I can't believe the poor town goes from 2,200 people to over 50,000 - it must be busting at the seams!

  4. I know it does get packed! But they love the business it brings to the town. So glad you stopped in Christina!

  5. Sounds like such a fun place to visit! Nice way to get into the Christmas spirit!

  6. @Kathy! Yes, it is a beautiful place. Love going there. In the fall they have Oktoberfest and that is great too!

  7. If you are going to Leavenworth, drop by our site first to see what is happening in town. We've built a site with a whimsical tone from a tourist's point of view. We have a blog of our travels and things we've found in Leavenworth that we like. You can find out what events are happening in town, where live music is, eating suggestions, where to shop, and anything else about Leavenworth you every wanted to know.

    Visit us at http://www.AccidentalBavarian.com

  8. Hi @Accidental Bavarian! So glad to have you here! I just tweeted out your site too! Love it, Fritzi & Mitzi!


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