Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The X Factor USA with LeRoy Bell!

Enter LeRoy's Website

I am a Simon Cowell fan, so of course I began watching The X Factor when it first started airing.  As a 50 something grandmother and mother of 5, I loved that there was no upper age limit unlike American Idol

One of the contestants is LeRoy Bell.  He is the oldest member of the current contestants trying to win the Grand Prize, which is a $5,000,000 recording contract! Does he look 60? Uhmm... No!! 

View of Mt. Rainier near our home in Washington!

When I first heard him sing it was amazing! Then I realized that he was also from the Seattle area too!  So quickly he became our number one favorite in our home! 

Visit his website to read more about him! 
Nicole Talking About LeRoy

Who is your favorite?  Don't forget to vote!
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