Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knick Knack Paddy Whack- A Review

Front Cover

For Ages 3 to 7 years
Illustrated By: Christiane Engel
Sung By: SteveSongs
Sing along with this rollicking take on a traditional tune that introduces instruments and counts from one to ten. There are educational notes about instrument families as well as a simple music score at the end.
I stumbled on this store when book shopping for my granddaughters.  The girls are 31/2 and 11/2 years old and they love singing along to these great books. A few of the books with sing-a-long CD's have videos posted on the Children's Crafts and Activities section on the website.  The girls especially love this one!

The wonderful colorful illustrations on these pages keep the girls interested.  Not only do they learn to count, they also learn the different instruments, which are singled out while reading and listening to the CD's!  Here are a few pages of the book!

Coming from a multicultural family, I enjoy seeing how many of these books include children and bilingual animals of different ethnic backgrounds.  Bilingual animals, you ask?  

Well, I knew someone who was vacationing in Mexico, and she passed by a man talking to his dog in Spanish.  She said, and I kid you not, "Oh my, the dog is bilingual, he speaks Spanish too"! When I lived in Puerto Rico all my chickens, dogs and cats spoke Spanish, of course!  But that is another story!

Enjoy watching the video along with your children here:

Disclosure: I joined this great company so that I can purchase these books for my family, while earning 20-50% commissions on my personal purchases!  I would only recommend products that I use for myself or my family.  The links are directed to my website, and there is no obligation to purchase anything while enjoying all of these wonderful Children's Activities.


  1. Cute looking book...I love the illustrations :)

    xx Cat brideblu

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  3. Thank you Cat for stopping in! I am glad you liked the book, we enjoy them!~Lisa

  4. Thank you Kelly for sharing the information about Haley. I will do that. ~Lisa

  5. wow..this book is good. I wonder if they would cater for international customers.

    Have a nice day


  6. Lisa, I could have sat for hours and listened to that song and all of the other ones that were there. I can't wait until morning so that I can show my kids. They'll love it!

  7. Kathy,
    They do cater to international customers, there are two divisions, U.S. and Europe. Book Store Scroll to the very bottom and click on Europe, it will take you there.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.
    I am all a twitter about life

  8. Hi Melanie! So glad you liked it. My granddaughters love them, I can play them for hours! Enjoy!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life

  9. This book looks like so much fun :)

  10. Barbara, I hope you can find it in the library! Thanks for stopping by. ~Lisa

    I am all a twitter about life

  11. Lisa,

    This book looks adorable! I think my little miss S would love it!

    Thank you so much for the information you left on my blog about POTS.
    I have to admit it sounds very scary, especially on top of all my other health issues, but I really appreciate you giving me the information. Thank you!

  12. Lisa, I wish I could but most of these new books are not available. These are fabulous. Would love to see more titles.

  13. this is cute, the book. :) my girls and I love books too, and we've got a simlar one which is multicultural too. BTW, our dog is bilingual :)

  14. Hi Tahnie,
    I think she will like it too! Hope you are doing better.

    Hi Miss Barbara!
    I will be posting more titles soon.

    Too funny Martha,
    We both have bilingual dogs, aren't they smart?!! Thanks for coming over for a visit!~Lisa


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