Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Brady Bunch We Are Not!

Our family is like the Brady Bunch, but without all the smiles, politeness, respect, and overall sugary sweet, Disney singing birdies flying through the house kind of home!   I was Alice and Carol all in one, so how fun was that?!  I am still having issues from multiple personalities!  My husband loves to cook so it wasn't all that bad!!

Oh the blended family phenomena! When I met my husband we had to commute to see each other.  The visits with the kids were perfect and blissful, well not so perfect and not so blissful, but one can only dream right?!  The kids got along fairly well, as well as to be expected I suppose.  We went to Disney World and other tourist spots in Florida and Washington State.

However, once we moved in all together, which was two years later, the Brady Bunch was long gone and then entered The Adams Family or maybe even any episode of Jerry Springer!!

Somehow we survived and recently our youngest joined his brothers to the Land of Freedom and moved out!  So now my husband and I are empty nesters, which probably will be another upcoming post!

All kidding aside our boys have turned into wonderful men and we are very proud of them.  Blending two families is difficult and maybe we weren't like The Brady Bunch but we love each other all the same.



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  2. what a beautiful family! Thanks for the follow, i got ya back! :)

  3. Great to see you here Nicole, thank you for visiting! Thank you Dawn for your sweet comment!!~Lisa

  4. What a nice family. All boys? Poor you. And you still have hair? We have a blended family of five kids too but only two are here in this house and they just turned 18. You're right, it's not always fun but it's always an adventure filled with love. Add to our mix my hubby's father and my mother living with us. I may start drinking. LOL

  5. Hi K! My fellow monkey! I still have hair but I pay a fortune for some stranger to keep my color natural! Yes, drinking does sound nice, probably could have used that a few times!

  6. haha, too cute aout the brady bunch. following you :)

  7. Great looking group of guys you grew! I can't even imagine a houseful of boys ... truly ... I had all girls!

    Congrats on making it to the empty nest stage. It takes a little getting used to but then it's WONDERFUL!

  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Family Literacy and You today. I'm following ya back. I am also a BB consultant but focus on the Usborne Books the most. I did take the 3 BB's I had to a bookfair I did last week and sold all 3 immediately. So, I definitely need to bring in some more of the paperbacks. I haven't really figured out how to sell both companies in a bookfair as we aren't supposed to - too hard to figure out how to credit the school. But everyone there LOVED the books!

    Better go - thanks again.
    Tina "The Book Lady"

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  10. What an awesome post!! I love it.


  11. What a beautiful family !
    Have a pretty day!

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  13. I love that the dog is part of the bunch! Great post.

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  15. Nice looking fellas. You certainly were outnumbered. I too have just become an empty nester. So glad you stopped by my party today so I could find your blog. I am enjoying myself.

  16. I come from a blended family. My mom's husband and his kids ( two girls and a boy ) moved into what I thought was MY HOME .. I was 12 years old and hated every bit of it. Though when we were not living together we all got along so well. Now we are all grown up and on our own. Things are much better now.. but I have to say I know how you felt.



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