Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Halloween! You Are Invited!!

I am getting ready for my first Halloween Party!  I am so excited and I can't wait to get there.  Where is my hat?....

Oh here it is!  Love candy corn, it is my favorite. I better get going before it gets dark.  Let me make sure I have my invitation.
Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist was so nice to invite me.  The directions are on the back, 112  Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, why does that address sound so familiar?  I hope I don't get lost.  

Wow, it is getting pretty foggy up here.  That place looks a little spooky.  
Keep going, where is that darn turn off?

Oh no, what is that sound?  Sputter, clunk, kurplunk, spit, spat,.........what could be wrong? Now the engine is dead, I can't start the car!

No gas?  Why didn't I check that?  Of all things to go wrong.  Gosh, I was so distracted I didn't even remember to get gas before I left.  I don't think the house is too far from here, I am going to have to walk it.  I am so scared, why didn't I bring someone with me?  Why is it so darn foggy? 
What is that I hear?

I think I have to go through those trees up there.  At least the fog is gone!! I have never been so scared in my life.  

I don't see the house yet, where the heck do you live Vanessa? And why do I hear all these stupid noises?  She must have some Halloween music on....... yeah that must be it.  

I hear someone!  Run....  Oh I see the house!!

Thank goodness,  this has to be it, please be it, the moon is already out and the noises don't stop, please stop.

VANESSA, where are you?  Hello?  Are you in here? Oh NOOOOO...................

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween Party, please remember to visit Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist, where you will find paintings, art dolls, jewelry, illustrations and much more! 

Photos and Halloween Stock Photos used in this post were not harmed in any way, and their well-being and safety was assured by me!


  1. Ahh I can finally feel Halloween, thanks to you ;). There's no Halloween here in my country.

  2. Hi Amanda! I normally don't celebrate it either!! But this was fun to do, thank you for stopping by!~Lisa

  3. fantastic post! thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. I love all of your spooky photos. I had a frightful time!


  5. following you from :)

    hope you come by and follow me too :)

    Thanks again!

  6. Lisa...lisa.....are you there? Tell me you are safe after that last scream of "Nooooooo!" I am here with a few of my Manor guests who I'm sure will be happy to rescue you from whatever was lurking in the shadows here and took you by surprise!

    Please do make your way back to the Manor with us and enjoy a wonderful toast to a beautiful yet spooky day! My butler, Sir Anthony, is eager to take a stroll out on the dance floor with you. :)

    Check out Harrington Manor Ball today.

  7. I had a great time at your Halloween Party. So many different things to see and get into. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Please visit me:

  8. Lisa !
    Loved your post, how exciting of a story !! Thank you for stopping by my party as well :-)

  9. I enjoyed your spooky tale. Thanks for inviting me along. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  10. Wow, so atmospheric! I love it, though I'm a little spooked. Waited, I love being spooked! Thanks for the post (and for following my blog). Happy Halloween!

    Roisin x

  11. Hi Lisa,
    Love your photos especially the creepy house in the mist :-) Thanks for visiting my party!
    ~ Pam

  12. Such a spooky tale! Even my cats were scared by the halloween sounds!

  13. What a fun and spooky party! I wonder what you found in that house? :) Thank you for having me over! ~Lauren

  14. Well I am glad I stumbled upon your party. What spooky Halloween fun I had.

  15. Simply magical post! Thank you so much for having me! I appreciate your visit to my Wedding Party!
    have a Spooktacular Halloween!

  16. Halloween is a bit early this year! Thanks for this. What fun.


  17. Thanks so much for dropping by & following! I love your party post here, delightfully spooky & creative! Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!


    And Amityville, I forgot about that, shiverssss!

    What fun, thank you for sharing the magic!!

  19. Skeery loads of fun!!!! Wooooo-hoooo!!!

    Thanks for inviting me!

  20. I loved your Halloween post. What a fun story. The fog was quite eerie on the walk. I loved the top of that house. Gorgeous!

  21. That fog sure was thick wasn't it!?! And with all that commotion echo-ing off the layers of fog....well, it was enough to make the fur on my tail stand on end! So glad we made it though!

    Happy Halloween! And thanks so much for becoming a follower!



  22. What a scary experience! Happy Halloween!

  23. That was wicked fun!
    thanks :)


    come visit:
    pre-party post(Fri.) Party post with giveaway(Sat.) and post-party post (Sun.)

  24. Okay, those sounds really did scare me, lol! I hate when the car dies in the middle of a foggy, spooky forest on your way to someone's house and you don't know where they live, ha ha! Thanks for having us along with you!

  25. Came by too early yesterday, glad I stopped back. I think I left a comment on one of your other post, LOL...

    This is sooooo much fun!!!
    Love your blog, PICs & your creations.
    Please fly by for my giveaways too...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

  26. Happy blog party day! (although, I am a day late) :) I loved reading your post. The photos are beautiful! Thanks for visiting my party the other day and for following my blog! :) You made my day. Best wishes to you

  27. Love your spooky story, pictures and especially the sounds!! Happy Halloween!!

  28. apinkdreamer I enjoyed your Halloween post too, thank you for popping in to say hello!~Lisa

  29. Hi @Wendelou72, so glad that I could spook you a little, I really enjoyed your post too and of course those pumpkin brownies!

  30. @Lise, so great to see you here! Yes I am following your blog too!

  31. A haunting spook! what a lovely home and the mysterious and creepy. Adored your post.

    Happy Halloween!

    If your in the neighbourhood ,do drop by for your chance at winning some Halloween art.



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